Targeted IT Consulting Services

We Provide tailored technology solutions to address business challenges and opportunities for small to mid-level companies. Our IT specialists understand the mechanics of business and technology, providing you with the expert guidance and support to meet your unique goals and objectives. We tackle issues ranging from upgrading systems, data center migration, moving data and resources to the Cloud to Software Development and Customization – we have the right expertise with the experience to achieve it.

Technology Optimization and Relocation

Are you one of the early birds moving to the cloud? We have the specialists to create the infrastructure on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Salesforce and move your data with State-of-the-Art techniques and tools. Are you establishing a new office or moving? We have the expertise in Windows and Linux system configurations to build your datacenters satisfying your business goals. We design, install and configure literally all DBMSs including MSSQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and beyond. We also configure Storage Servers, Telecommunications equipment, cabling and more.  Our technicians will eliminate your burden by providing you with a dedicated team to plan, manage, configure and install everything in your locale – whether a single or multi-location installation; all this with highly competitive prices.

Our IT Consulting Areas A2 Economics Essay Help We provide Quality IT Consulting Services for an affordable price in the following areas:

  • Datacenter migration and moving data to the cloud
  • Building Virtual Datacenters on AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud
  • Software Development and Customizations including Salesforce
  • Design and Configuring Servers for optimal Performance:
  • Windows and Linux Servers – active directory, DNS and other services
  • SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostGreSQL
  • Building State-the-Art E-Commerce Websites
  • Enterprise IT Support